Vigo 7 2013

Wine, Vigo, and Cambados Makes for a Lovely Day

Our last port before we shifted back to reality was Vigo.  The area is known as the Wales of Spain as it is so lush and full of green hills.  Our expectations weren’t high for this stop as we didn’t know much about it and all we could see was that Vigo was a small place.  We decided for this stop we’d do a shore excursion that took us wine tasting.  I am really glad we did as the scenery was beautiful and the wine was wonderful.  Plus it turns out two of our new friends had also signed up for the wine tasting so we had a blast with them.  They even brought crisps and chocolates for us so we didn’t go hungry.  Not sure if it is a good or bad thing they had figured out in a very short time we get cranky without snacks!  In either case it was cheers for them bringing the goods.  :)

We had the best bus driver.  He drove that thing like it was a sports car.  The bus kept up with him as well.  The toll booths had arms that would fly up once the computer sensed the bus going through.  He had it timed just right and would fly through.  The first time we all gasped as we thought he was going to bust through the arm.  Then we burst out laughing.  He just grinned.  On the way back he actually accelerated towards it.  By this time we were all for this and were very disappointed when we got stuck behind a small delivery truck.  Coming into the port we saw another arm and were egging him on but he had to stop because it was a manual arm.  A lot of sighs and nuts to that!  Guess we’re all kids at heart.

On the way to the first winery we passed large squares in the water.  We saw them as we glided into port but couldn’t figure out what they were.  They were raised just above the water so they didn’t look like fish farms but what else could they be?  Turns out we weren’t far off.  They were mussel farms.  They would attach baby mussels to ropes that hung underneath and they would harvest them 18 months later.

Vigo 1 2013

The winery we went to is Granbazan Winery and the grapes they grow are Albarino grapes which makes a white wine.  They have a winery outside of Valencia that makes red and we got to taste one red.  But this place focuses on the white.

Vigo 4 2013

It was a lovely place.  The way they grow the grapes is horizontally up off the ground so it makes a canopy and allows the air to circulation round the grapes.  Notice at the bottom right of the photo there is a red car.  They parked their cars under the grapes!

Vigo 6 2013

Nearly every home we drove by, no matter the size of their yard, had some sort of crops growing.  Those that grew grapes would sell some to this winery and keep some to make their own wine.  Even in the villages we would come across what looked like mini churches.  These held the grains for the winter.  They are built up off the ground to keep the critters out.

Vigo 5 2013

After a tour of the winery and how they make the wine it was time for the tasting.  My favourite part.  I’ve moved away from white wines and prefer red but I really enjoyed their whites.  Crisp and not too sweet which is the way I like it.

Vigo 2 2013

A select amount of the wine would be oak aged but most of their whites weren’t oak aged.

Vigo 7 2013

After the tasting we retraced our steps to Cambados for a sort of second wine tasting.  They took us to a hotel there where they had basic tapas and wine was out for us to have.  A bit of a disappointment as I thought we were going to two wineries and I’ve been spoilt by the tapas thus far.  The four of us then wandered the village a bit and found a pastry shop that sold meringue for a Euro.  These things were massive so we split one between the four of us.  Oh so delicious and one hell of a sugar rush.  It was a neat little village so it’s on our list of where to return.  Quiet streets with cafes and old world buildings.

Vigo 3 2013

We enjoyed our visit there and the whole cruise.  It was bittersweet as we got to the end.  We missed the kids like mad but we enjoyed ourselves very much experiencing new things and making new friends.

Lisbon 6 2013

The Storminess of Lisbon

Lisbon was high on my list of places I wanted to see on this trip.  I follow a few blogs of people who live there.  I’ve had family and friends visit and was a bit envious once I saw the photos.  Always sunny and colourful.  I had high hopes!  It was not to be.  We had been very lucky with the weather for the trip but our luck ran out once we docked.

It is a very strange sensation waking up to the sound of millions of bees.  Once we were fully awake and poked our head out we could see that we were docked right next to the April 25th Bridge and thousands of vehicles were driving across making that sound.

Lisbon 1 2013

The announcements did warn us that the weather will get quite nasty with driving rain and high winds.  Not the most motivating of notices.  So we dressed accordingly and I left my good camera behind and just brought the iPhone, wore our trainers and braced ourselves for our adventure.  Nearly got blown away getting off the ship!  We were docked near the containers and there were high aisles where the wind tunneled through.  The shuttle bus dropped us off in the old part of the city near the cathedral.  The interesting bit about Lisbon is that in 1755 they had a massive earthquake.  It’s estimated that the scored 8.5-9 on the Moment Magnitude Scale.  The king at the time sent out surveys to all the villages asking when they felt the tremors, how strong they were, and which direction they came from.  It was the beginning of modern seismology.  Because the earthquake was so damaging most of the city is in the 18th century style after they rebuilt.  The cathedral was damaged but still stood.

Lisbon 2 2013

The cloister floor is now an archaeological dig.  They’ve dug back to the Islamic times as well as the Roman times.  In the picture where you see red and white, that is the Islamic style.

Lisbon 4 2013 Lisbon 3 2013

At this point we were getting high winds and a bit of rain but nothing major so we continued to the castle.  There we bought tickets to walk round and the skies opened up.  Winds were whipping about and it was a downpour.  We dashed to the museum to take refuge.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a big museum and it was filling up fast with others taking cover.  We decided to brave the elements.  Within a minute or so our umbrellas were destroyed.  To be fair they were only good for being in the sun.  They were from the ship.  Many of these ended in the bin all around the city that day.

Lisbon 5 2013

This poor guy and his peahens were wandering around in the storm.  I did take pictures of the peahens but in the rain they blended in with the cobblestones.

Lisbon 7 2013

We trudged our way back down the hill in search of shelter and food.   There were pedestrian streets with shops and we wandered down one of them.  The rain was letting up finally but the wind wasn’t finished with us just yet.

Lisbon 6 2013

We found a bright cafe to rest a bit in.  And dry off!  The hostess was wonderful and she helped us with our Portuguese.  I had my little phrase book out and my husband and I were trying our best with the words.  I ordered a fantastic grilled sardine dish.  You can’t find something like this back home.  My mum used to make me sardine sandwiches when I was a kid.  Don’t think I was too popular at school lunch but I loved them.  These sardines were full size and grilled whole.  The flavour was strong and pungent.  Loved it.

Lisbon 8 2013

After that we wandered a bit more as the rain stopped and the wind died down a bit.  We found a wine tasting shop which was lovely and then it was time to get back on the ship.  We’ll come back.  It’s a lovely city and in the warm sun it must be amazing.

Cartagena 7 2013

Almost Didn’t See You Cartagena

As we glided into the port of Cartagena we were still in dreamland and were gradually brought to the surface by the fog horns.  My husband peeked out the curtains and saw nothing.  Literally nothing.  The fog was thick as can be, we couldn’t even see the water below.  As I mentioned in the post about the ship the port had been closed but the captain convinced the port to reopen for the ship.  Occasionally there were pockets of cleared air and we got glimpses of the port.  At one point a Navy ship headed out with the crew lined up and it was blasting rock music.  Because of the thick fog no one rushed off the ship.

To give you an idea of the skill needed to dock the ship in zero visibility here is a picture of the ship in bright sun.  Notice how small the port opening is and that you kind of have to do an S shape line before turning round and sidling into the dock.

Cartagena 7 2013

Needless to say, once we finally saw the full port we were impressed.  When we got off the ship it was still very foggy so we decided to kill some time at the underwater archaeology museum right on the water.  Archaeology fascinates me and to be able to do it underwater is something else.  So many more variables!  So I found this very interesting looking at the tools, finds, etc.

Cartagena 3 2013 Cartagena 4 2013 Cartagena 5 2013

Once the sun came out completely we started wandering around the old city which fortunately was right at the port.  We decided to stop and get a snack at one of the cafes.  It was here that I started to realise that Cartagena is a city of big food.  I asked for the calamari as a small snack and a large sandwich came out!  Maybe it would be a one off.  Not really.  First on our list to see was the Roman Theatre.  It was discovered about 120 years ago but wasn’t excavated until the late 80′s.  There was a church and several buildings on top of the theatre.  All that had to be removed or partially removed in order for that to go forward.  The museum was great as it had examples of the various occupiers and their building techniques.

Cartagena 1 2013

We wandered up to the castle to take in the views.  It was getting quite warm so it was nice to be up high enough to catch a breeze.  We also saw this guy wandering around the grounds.

Cartagena 6 2013

Then it was time for more tapas!  We found a place on a square that had great people watching.  One street performer would pretend to do the running of the bulls.  He had tiny bulls on the ground then he would take off with a great yelp and run round the square.  Some people would race with him.  I was waiting for someone in a mobility scooter to run over the bulls.  We ordered several dishes as tapas is small.  Not in Cartagena!  The toast plate was enough for 4 people!  It was very tasty though.

Cartagena 2 2013

After that we decided to wander back to the ship as there wasn’t a lot of time in Cartagena.  We had a lovely day just puttering about.

Valencia 4 2013

Best in the Country, Best in Europe, No! It’s the Best in the World! – Valencia

Valencia was an interesting city.  In part because of our tour guide.  We decided to do a tour at this port as the ship was, seemingly, miles from the city, nevermind, the old city.  I think it would have taken us over an hour just to get anywhere and then we’d have all the walking to sight see.  Our tour guide was very nice and reminded me of a young Liberace, without the furs and jewels.  He seemed very knowledgeable but I believe he thinks Valencia is the centre of the universe.

As we began our tour and were driving through the port he was describing how the port throughout history was the most important port on the Mediterranean.  And then we drove by the warehouses and he described how they were the nicest warehouses in Europe.  I was beginning to see a pattern.  They were good looking buildings and all but it seemed a bit much! And he was only getting started.  :)  The blue in front of the buildings outlines the pit stops for the F1 race.

Valencia 1 2013

Valencia is a city that is not afraid to keep improving and be creative with their architecture.  The river that ran through the centre of the city kept flooding so they redirected it but kept the river bed.  They then built large gardens, museums, and the opera house.  They still have the bridges going over the river bed as well.  It really is quite well done.  He stopped short of saying the opera house was the best in the world.  Instead he said the opera house was second only to the Sydney Opera House.  It looked to me like a war helmet.

Valencia 2 2013

I did find the new science museum very interesting, reminded me of fossils but with a lot of light.

Valencia 3 2013

We worked our way through the city and arrived at the indoor market.  Again the best in Europe.  I was wondering how they could beat the La Boqueria and was prepared to be amazed.  It was a neat, clean market.  No vibrancy and everything was sealed in cling film or containers.  I’m sure the FDA would approve.  In fact I was able to get one picture of food free from any clutches.

Valencia 7 2013

I did find the roof of the building to be very pretty.

Valencia 6 2013

Next was the silk market.  Now this was on my list of things we had to visit.  I love silk, the vibrant colours, the feel.  I was ready to shop.  So imagine my disappointment to find there is no longer a silk market, just the building!  I do not like shopping so for me to be ready to shop is a big thing.  However, the history of the building was fascinating.  Valencia was the end of the silk road and there was a lot of trading that went on.  Fortunes made and lost.  They painted the spiraling columns green and they painted the ceiling bright blue with the medallions yellow to imitate the sky.  That must have been something.

Valencia 8 2013

On the way to the cathedral we came across this funny doorway.  Never underestimate humans doing their best to stick it to the big man.  Apparently there was a rule that you were taxed based on the width of the front of the building.  So this gentleman created building with a front only 105 cm wide then it opened wide towards the back like a triangle.  So it’s a full sized building.  Have to hand it to him!

Valencia 9 2013

The cathedral took about 500 years to make as they kept having trouble with funds so it shows many different styles.  What took the cake though is the guide said the frescos were the best in Europe!  Ahem, Sistine Chapel anyone?  Credibility was completely lost at this point.  Ah well, we were having fun.

Valencia 4 2013

The city used to be surrounded by a massive city wall with great big gates.  Because the city likes to continually improve they knocked down all of the walls except two gates.  Not sure how much that is an improvement as I like the history of those sort of things but thank goodness they kept some gates.  These date I believe back to the 1300′s.  They are massive!

Valencia 10 2013

After the tour was over they brought us back to the ship but as we had several hours to kill we headed back in on the shuttle bus.  Back in the square where the cathedral was we found a shady spot to have tapas.  Again it was delicious.  I really miss the food!

Valencia 5 2013

I’d like to explore Valencia a bit more.  There were interesting areas of history.  And I’d like to explore all the gardens in the old riverbed.


La Boqueria 3 2013

A Feast for the Eyes – La Boqueria

Was there ever a point in your childhood when you were let loose in a candy store?  You were overwhelmed and couldn’t believe all the treats swimming before your eyes?  Not knowing which way to look and didn’t want to miss anything.  This is exactly how I felt when we entered the La Boqueria in Barcelona.

This place is insanely fabulous.  It was lively, bustling, ingredients everywhere, I mean you need it just look and you’ll find it.  All fresh food waiting to be taken home.  The hard part was it was look but don’t touch for us as our kitchen was over 3000 miles away.  I felt so inspired and could have just started cooking right there.

La Boqueria has roots going back centuries.  It began around 1217 as a meat market and just stuck around for centuries until the early 1800′s when it was finally recognised as a legal market.  It “officially” opened in 1840.  We heard a few people mention the market and just said it was a place to check out.  As we like food off we went.  So glad we did!

I took several photos as we went round and I wanted to share them with you.

La Boqueria 1 2013 La Boqueria 2 2013 La Boqueria 3 2013 La Boqueria 4 2013 La Boqueria 5 2013 La Boqueria 6 2013 La Boqueria 7 2013 La Boqueria 8 2013 La Boqueria 9 2013 La Boqueria 10 2013 La Boqueria 11 2013 La Boqueria 12 2013 La Boqueria 13 2013 La Boqueria 14 2013

We have nothing like this where we are.  Maybe that’s a good thing in that you’d never get me to leave but on the other hand to have all these ingredients near by would be wonderful.  The things I would be able to cook!

Monaco 4 2013

Shaken not Stirred – A Trip to Monaco

We are pretty frugal in our every day lives.  We don’t like debt so we save first for special treats like this trip, save for a rainy day, that sort of thing.  So it is always interesting to get a glimpse in to how “the other half” lives.  For example, in Cannes, hotel rooms can reach the bargain price of 35000 Euros a night.  Yes, you read that right.  Granted that would be the price during the film festival but it does come with a jacuzzi tub so it’s a deal. Right?  I have wondered since how much money I would have to have in the bank account before that amount of money for a hotel room wouldn’t make me pass out.  It would have to be an insane amount in the bank.

While we stopped at Cannes we actually took a tour to Monaco as I figured when else would we get a chance to check it out, without having to get a hotel room?  Because the port is shallow and small in Cannes we had to be tendered to shore to catch the bus.

Monaco 1 2013

It was a lovely drive along the coast through Nice into Monaco. I can see why people flock to this area.  Though the tour guide did say she gets away whenever there is a big event like the film festival.  The insanity of it all gets to her.  Can’t say I blame her!

This is looking back over Nice as we drove along the coastal road.

Monaco 4 2013

Another reason I wanted to see Monaco is that is where the F1 has one of their grand prix races.  The cool thing is that they use the city streets.   This spot is close to the casino and you can see the rubber marks on the curves.  It must be quite something to hear and see as they also go through a lot of tunnels.  Must be deafening!

Monaco 5 2013

All you James Bond fans will recognise the casino.  My son was quite happy to get a photo of it as he is a huge fan of the movies.  We are too, if truth be told.  :)  We were able to go in and see the casino.  The opulence!  They open it to groups in the morning and gambling starts at 2pm in the main rooms.  As the day goes on they open more private rooms.   Each opening gets more exclusive as well.  Very posh.

Monaco 2 2013 Monaco 6 2013

After the casino we had a short time to wander before getting back on the bus.  We walked along some roof top parks to take in the view.  It’s pretty incredible and the weather was starting to improve as well.  It turned into a lovely day.  In this picture you can see Monaco, France and Italy.

Monaco 7 2013

The next part of the tour was the rock or the old part with the palace.  Apparently about 700 years ago the original Grimaldi dressed as a monk and knocked on the door of the existing fortress and when they let him and his crew in they took the fortress and it’s been in Grimaldi control ever since.  This church was completed in 1912 and Prince Albert (II?) had all the previous princes and princesses moved to be interred there.  This is also the church were Princess Grace was married and buried.

Monaco 9 2013

After the tour we were free to explore and get some lunch.  My favourite part!  We found a small restaurant that was serving langoustines.  I had seen a few blog posts mentioning these and as we can’t get them stateside it was on my list to try.  It was an amazing dish.  The little buggers are a little difficult to eat but it was worth it.  I will definitely be looking to have them again when we go back.  And the dish itself had such a flavourful sauce.  I will have to try to recreate it though as it had fish stock I’ll have to adjust that as my husband doesn’t like seafood.

Monaco 3 2013

As the day improved we found more gardens with lovely flowers.

Monaco 8 2013

Soon enough it was time to head back to the ship.  Once we got back on we enjoyed the view until it was time to leave.

Monaco 10 2013

I can see why people are drawn to the south of France.  It is such a beautiful part of the world.

Malaga 8 2013

Sometimes First Impressions Are Wrong – Malaga

Our first port of call was Malaga.  I went to Malaga about 20 odd years ago and what I saw wasn’t inspiring.  The bus station was bleak and we drove past, on the way to Nerja, run down neighbourhoods.  I thought why on earth would people visit here?  Well it just goes to show what I know!  In researching what to see when we docked I found that I was probably seriously mistaken in my opinion so I was looking forward to the visit.  I was also looking forward to getting off the ship.  I get seasick on swings so it may seem strange to find me on a cruise.  I bought the wrist bands, a roll on thing for behind the ears, ginger candy and seasick meds.  And they had peppermint tea on the ship.  After a rough first full day I found my sea legs.  Turns out getting a hot rocks massage is not a good thing if you get seasick easily.  I found out the hard way!

We started the day at 6.20 because we were told we would pass through the strait of Gibraltar between 6.30 and 7am.  This would be before dawn but I figured the rock would have lights round it.  So off went the alarm, threw our clothes on, and dashed upstairs to find we passed it a half hour ago.  But we could see the lights of Africa which was something else.  Since we were up we decided to watch the sun come up.  It started to get light about 7.45 and it was beautiful.

Malaga 1 2013

When we docked it was a beautiful day, little on the toasty side, but still lovely.  We walked to the old town and to get there we had to go through loads of gardens.  I’m a bit envious of all the blooms they were having as the garden at home was finished.

Malaga 8 2013

Our first stop was the cathedral and low and behold it wasn’t raining or in scaffolding!  This has never happened to me before.   It’s either or both.  I thought that things were looking up.  :)  It was an interesting place and I enjoyed walking round it before lunch.

Malaga 4 2013 Malaga 7 2013

After all the walking it was time to find a place to have our lunch.  We wandered a bit looking at menus and found a small cafe just off the road.  It just had a few tables.  We each ordered a panini with Iberian ham and manchego cheese.  Simple but very delicious.  I knew we’d eat well off the boat.  It was one of the things I was looking most forward to.

Malaga 2 2013

After lunch we headed over to the Alcazaba fortress.  This place was a maze of amazing gardens, rooms, pottery, and history.  It is centuries old with the Moorish influence.  The Moors built beautiful buildings so we found this quite fascinating.  And it was truly a maze of rooms and courtyards.  It took us a long time to walk round it.  We didn’t have a map so we just explored wherever we could.  I think we saw most of it.

Malaga 3 2013 Malaga 6 2013 Malaga 5 2013

To end the day we saw the most amazing sunset.  There are times I am in awe of how beautiful nature can be.  I only had my iphone at this time of day so I wasn’t able to take good pictures of the 50 or 60 dolphins leaping about.  But boy were they having a grand old time.

Malaga 9 2013

Malaga is one of the stops that we would go back to.  It was a great start to our exploring Spain.

Cruise 5 2013

What an Adventure…On the Seas! :)

We have had an amazing holiday and it was much needed.  Tomorrow we make the trek back stateside.  Fingers crossed it will be a better flight than the last!  And I have loads of posts to do based on our trip and today I start with our home on the seas.

Our ship was the Adventure of the Seas:

Cruise 5 2013

We were very excited as we approached the ship.  It’s amazing how large they are.  This ship is due for a refit next year so it was a bit tired but very clean and the crew for the most part were extremely friendly and helpful.  Given they have about 1000 people working there you won’t get sunshine from everyone but I’d say the vast majority really tried hard.  And it shows.  While we had issues here and there we felt like they wanted to make things right.  Unlike the couple at the table next to use.  By the end of the cruise they were known as the complaining couple by guests and crew alike!  I’m not sure why they took the cruise but by the end of it they had changed the toilet seat, requested a completely new bed, complained about the food so much they worked themselves up to a dinner with the captain.  They even tried to change their waiters but the rest of the table put their foot down.  It was very strange!

Cruise 1 2013

The captain was hilarious.  In fact after one of his talks a guest asked if he had ever considered a job as a stand up comedian.  He said no but he should because eventually they will figure out he doesn’t know how to drive this thing.  :)  But actually he and his team were quite good.  When we docked in Cartegena it was pea soup thick fog.  The port had closed but the captain went over the plan with the harbour pilot and the ship was allowed to dock.  And this port is very small.

Cruise 2 2013

I think the best bit about the cruise was the people watching.  They had a welcome back party for members.  Basically if you’ve done a cruise you’re in.  But to get to the highest level you need to have 700 points, which is 700 nights!  There were a few at that level.  Including two gentleman who got on at Malaga.  They came on for eight months.  I just can’t imagine the laundry bill and they had some wild outfits, including turbans, top hats, and car shaped purses.  Some people didn’t know what to think but I thought it was fabulous.  If you can’t have fun, what’s the point?

Cruise 3 2013

What we discovered is that elderly people have turned to cruising as a form of assisted living.  We were taken aback at the amount of mobility scooters and wondered if this was a trend and apparently it’s a lot cheaper to cruise round than go into various homes.  As a consequence there wasn’t much going on at the nightclub on this cruise.

Cruise 4 2013

There was great fun to be had at the quizzes though.  We won twice!  Came close a few other times.  One prize was two umbrellas which were fine until it became rainy and windy.  So those were left in a bin in Lisbon.  Absolutely useless!  Then we won a cap, keychain, document holder, camera holder, and a blingly light up ring.  I liked that one!  I wore it that night for a bit of fun.

The ship also had a peekabo bridge where you could see the bridge.  That was very interesting to watch.  Such a small section of the ship that controls all but there it was.

Cruise 6 2013

There were some characters on the cruise like the american woman who was shocked we didn’t drink ourselves under the table.  She once had a $3800 bar bill on a cruise!  Crikey.  And as most of the people on the cruise were Brits we had a blast zinging back and forth.  Though when she was standing there she finally said to me she didn’t understand a thing we were saying.  I had to explain there is English english and American english.

But the best bit is that we met some really lovely people at the Champagne bar and that became our watering hole.  We’d all meet up before and after dinner and just had a great time.  And I’m pleased to say some great new friendships were started.  :)  Dinner at Portofino’s was an absolute blast.

We did take the opportunity to go as far front as we could.  I did resist the “king of the world” bit.  But I did have to hang on as it was very windy!

Cruise 7 2013

Stay tuned for more stories!


Today was our last stop. The port is Vigo but we took a tour to Cambados for wine. It’s a lovely area and the weather is behaving!

We tried a few whites and a delicious Syrah then had a wander about. Next up is getting through the Bay of Biscay. The water has proven to be a bit choppy since yesterday!



Two nights ago we won the first of two quizzes and we won two umbrellas. 1/2 hour in Lisbon and they are broken. A very rainy gusty day. We found a restaurant that has tables inside and we’ve taken refuge.

We did go up to the castle which was interesting. We’ll have to come back as it looks like a lovely city. Just not today!